12 Most Effective Exercises for Slim Legs and a Tight Butt

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Do you struggle with the size of your legs? Read on for the secret of slim legs and discover the 12 best leg slimming exercises


Anatomy of The Legs



The muscles mainly responsible for the shape of the legs are quadriceps, hamstrings, and the glutes. Especially improtant are the glutes, the muscles of the butt. They work alongside the hamstrings and quadriceps to determine the shape of your butt and thigh region.


On the lower leg you have the calves. For most women, these are not as problematic an areas as the upper legs.

Slim Your Legs With High Intensity Interval Training
Your legs look the way they do for a number of reasons, including genetics, diet, training history, occupation and level of physical activity.


There is no magic exercise for shaping your legs.

The simple truth is that in the majority of cases, you are not happy with the shape of your legs because they are too fat. The solution is, in theory, simple too: You need to lose weight.


Short, highly intense training has been proven to be highly effective in fat loss and gains in cardiovascular health.

Often termed High Intensity Interval Training, this form of exercise doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you could just take your favourite exercise and, instead of performing it at a steady pace for a period of time, go all out for short periods, rest briefly, then repeat 8-10 times.


Try this formula for your initial interval training efforts:

Choose an exercises: bike; field sprinting; jump rope; rowing machine.
Eight rounds of 20 seconds all out effort, 40 seconds rest.
Progress to 20 seconds work and 10 seconds rest over a period of 4-6 weeks.
Note: If your goal is to lose fat don’t be fooled by infomercials into thinking that you can lose fat in one specific area (e.g. legs) by performing exercises for that body part. This is called spot reduction and it is a myth. This is why simple interval and cardio training methods are essential.


The 12 Most Effective Exercises to Tone Your Legs and Butt
Losing weight is great and your thighs will love you for it. However, you’ll need to firm those muscles and you may need to add some shape to your butt. It is natural to lose weight and have some of that sexy shape disappear as well.


Don’t worry though – with the right resistance training you can ensure you keep a nice feminine shape while strengthening your quads and hams for that firm look.

The quads on the front of the thigh respond well to all forms of Squat exercises and are worked extensively in all kinds of Lunges. The hamstrings respond well to hip dominant movements such as Bridges and Leg Curls – both of which also hit the glutes hard.


You can add weights to almost all of the following exercises. The only exercise you wouldn’t add weights to is Russian Leg Curls. For Leg Curls with weights simply use a leg curl machine commonly seen on most weight benches.


1. Squats

The king of all quad exercises, stand with feet shoulder width apart. Squat with your hips back and weight over your heels until you butt touches your ankles. Stand up pushing your body weight into the ground through your feet.


Variation: Jump Squats – Squat down and then accelerate upwards into a jump.

2. Bulgarian Split Squats


A fantastic variation that hits the quads hard while giving some of the load to the hamstrings and glutes. One of the best total leg exercises there is.

3. Sumo Squats


Take that shoulder width stance and widen it 12 inches or so. Make sure your feet are facing out at a 45 degree angle. Sit back and down until your thighs are parallel to the ground. Done properly you will feel a significant amount of tension in your hamstrings and glutes.

4. Forward Lunges

Forward lunges – either stationary or walking – ask your quads to do some work to absorb your body weight before pushing back up standing position. Simply step forward anddrop into a lunge while keeping your upper body vertical. A great variation to classic squats





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