Easy weight loss tips

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Simple steps to shed the pounds and feel healthier

1. Walking

Walk a bit further. Park further away from the shop entrance in a car park. Get off the bus/train one stop earlier. Take the stairs! This will increase the number of calories you burn per day which over time will help you drop pounds


2. Make sure you eat breakfast at the right time!

Eat Breakfast within 30 minutes of waking up. This gets your metabolism working which helps to burn those calories. Because your body’s metabolism rises when you eat. When you wake the energy dependency increases, if you do not eat within 30-60 minutes your body will go into fight mode and your resting basic metabolic rate is reduced. In addition to this you will be hungry all afternoon/evening.



3. Use weights or body weight in your work out

Using weights means that even when you have finished your workout you continue to burn calories. You have used more muscle fibres and have taken part in a different discipline to non-resistance exercise – it all helps!



4. Eat CLEAN as often as you can – even when travelling

Take clean fresh food with you when you go to the airport or for travelling. Most travel food will have preservatives like salt and sugar in them. These will make you feel dehydrated, exhausted and groggy. The body’s response to white carbohydrates and any sugar can cause a spike in your glucose and in correlation your insulin levels. This increases the body’s stress hormone, cortisol which in turn reduces the body’s ability to burn fat. Don’t allow yourself to get hungry because when you are hungry you’ll make bad food decisions – no excuses!



5. Eat more protein

Reduce your carbohydrates throughout the day. Carbohydrates are used for energy and Protein will increase your metabolic rate by at least 15% plus keep you full and help stabilise your blood sugar.



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